Video Parts Of The Month - November 2022

Alright we are back for the second to last time in 2022! In October we saw a couple full length videos and some absolute monster video parts. So was November able to follow that up? No, not exactly. Let me explain...

November was another month with a lot of video parts being released. It felt like every other day there was something pleasant to sink your teeth into and enjoy. What it lacked, at least for me, were videos that made my jaw drop in disbelief. That is not to say there weren't a few videos that stood out amongst the rest. 


Our Favorites: 

Honorable Mentions:

Non-Video Part Videos That Deserve A Watch:

Elite in Mallorca 

Traveling to an island in the Mediterranean to discover and conquer unique and untouched skate spots is a dream we all grew up with. That is exactly what the Elite did. I am Jealous. You are jealous. We are all jealous. The video is chill and pretty low key. The tricks are the same. Nothing over the top but full of creativity. 

Filmed by Matteo Mencuccini


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