Video Parts Of The Month - October 2022

First of all - This blog post is late. Very late. Its December and this is for videos in October. Kind of embarrassing lol.

With that said lets jump into why you are all here. October was a HEAVY month of video drops. We had a couple of incredible full length pro scooter films and quite a few 12+ minute long edits. It took a long ass time to sort through and give them all an honest, distraction free, watch. We were honestly impressed with the level of editing an videography this month. There was a huge variety in styles and flavor to enjoy. Scootering has come a long way over the years and its clear that videography is back to playing a large roll in the culture. 

*Disclaimer - Although Aztek's Lotus video is our top video of the month, it is not getting reviewed in this post. It will be talked about in its own post. We have some things to say!


Our Favorites: 

Honorable Mentions:

Non-Video Part Videos That Deserve A Watch:

Basile Neverov | Welcome to TRUST

I’ll be honest, Basile Neverov is not someone I was familiar with before this video part premiered. Probably due to him being a part of the Russian scene but I can confidently say that this dude made a serious impression on me. This video starts off with one of the WILDEST (Literally) intros of any scooter video EVER. The video didn't have the craziest amount of trick variety but the level of difficulty on some of the handrails was kinda nutty. Definitely worth a watch and a follow...

Instagram Link

Filmed by Vlad Shisha



This video was my favorite video of the month because it's pure entertainment from start to finish. The video features a ton of familiar and unfamiliar faces. It documents their recent trip through Oregon and living true lifestyle of professional scooter riders. If you are going to watch any video from October make sure its this one.

The video features Hunter Frost, Nate Pena, Seth Laughlin, Colin Mclean, Logan Schnider, Bodhi Sol, Lincoln Richeal, Cobey Brucken, Steven Young, & Bam Apodaca.

Filmed & Edited by Logan Schnider



Another must watch video in my humble ass opinion. This edit does a fantastic job showing that even though there is so much more to life than scootering, that you don't have to stop doing what you love. The AZ legend ‘Cramps’ is a Husband, a Father, a Student, and a certified thrasher. Go support this man and Trendkill Collective by giving this video a watch and a thumbs up! 

Instagram Link

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Cardenas


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