Pro vs Kick Scooters

To start things off we need to understand the difference between a pro scooter and a kick scooter. A pro scooter is a specially designed kick scooter used for performing tricks and stunts. While standard kick scooters are designed just for casual riding, pro scooters are made for riders to push their limits.


Pro scooters have a several distinct design features that set them apart from a traditional kick scooter you may find at a big retail store. The largest difference that differentiates pro scooters is that they do not fold or have a folding mechanism. The handlebars on pro style trick scooters are also single pieces of steel, aluminum, or titanium. They are not adjustable in the same way kids kick scooters are. You can technically adjust pro scooter bars by cutting down the length or width but those changes are permanent and require power tools. Another major difference is the type of compression that is used. Pro scooters typically use 1 of 3 variations of compression, which are IHC, HIC, & SCS and require sealed headset bearings.


Assembled vs. Custom Scooters


For beginners, buying a pre-assembled pro scooter is the easiest option to get riding fast. But experienced riders often enjoy customizing their setup to match their unique style or set of skills. Building a full custom scooter requires carefully selecting compatible parts and proper assembly.


Custom Scooter Check List


  • Deck - The standing platform, optimized for grip and strength.
  • Bars - The handlebars, tailored for height and performance.
  • Fork - Connects the bars to the front wheel.
  • Compression - Absorbs impacts from tricks.
  • Clamps - Joins the bars and fork together.
  • Griptape - Covers the deck to maximize traction.
  • Wheels - Larger and more durable than standard wheels.
  • Brakes - Rear braking system for speed control.
  • Grips - Rubber or foam coverings on handlebars for comfort.
  • Headset - Permits the rider to steer the front wheel.



Pro Scooter Maintenance

Pro scooters are precision machines that require proper care to avoid damage. Always store scooters in dry conditions and avoid water exposure. Regularly inspect parts for wear and tighten hardware when needed. Timely maintenance will extend the scooter's lifespan and prevent costly repairs.


Remember to read the owner's manual and understand the warranty terms before riding. With the right techniques and care, your pro scooter will deliver endless hours of hardcore riding.

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