Top Scooter Forks for All Riders

If you ride scooters, understanding the importance of the right scooter fork is crucial. Here’s a guide to some top choices based on different needs:

  1. Lightest Fork for 24mm Wheels (SCS & HIC): Aztek Circa 3 Fork
  2. Lightest Fork for 30mm Wheels (SCS & HIC): Aztek Templar Fork
  3. Most Versatile Fork (SCS & HIC): Fuzion Paradox Forks
  4. Strongest Fork (SCS & HIC)Tilt Tomahawk Fork
  5. Lightest Fork for 24mm Wheels (IHC)Ethic Merrow v3 Fork
  6. Strongest Fork (IHC): Ethic Legion IHC V2 Fork
  7. Best 12 STD Fork (SCS): Ethic Legion 12 STD V2 HIC Fork
  8. Overall Best Fork (SCS): Ethic Merrow V3 Fork or Aztek Circa 3 Fork

Understanding Scooter Forks

A scooter fork is crucial for attaching the front wheel to the deck, ensuring stability through a front axle tightened on both sides. All pro scooter forks have a compression system at the top to keep them secure. Choosing the right fork involves considering weight rating, compatibility, and height requirements.

Although we do not sell threadless headsets or forks that use threadless, it's essential that you know the difference. Threaded systems need less maintenance but are weaker, while threadless options offer better durability and customization.  You will typically see threadless compression on cheaper complete scooters and not pro scooters. 

Do Scooter Forks Break?

Yes, they can, especially under extreme conditions like big jumps or tricks. Regular inspections for cracks and prompt consultation with a scooter shop can prevent accidents.

Types of Scooter Forks

  • IHC Forks: Known for their lightweight and sturdy design but tend to be limited in compatibility. Typically seen on Park setups.
  • 12 STD Forks: Feature a larger axle for enhanced performance and safety although there are not too many brands that support 12 STD Forks/Wheels/etc.
  • SCS & HIC Forks: Thicker forks suitable for almost any setup, with SCS offering the strongest compression. 

Fork Compatibility

Fork sizes vary based on the compression system and wheel compatibility. It's essential to check your fork's specifications to ensure it fits your wheels and clamp.

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